Short Courses

ECS sponsors day-long short courses in conjunction with the biannual Society meetings. Courses typically are conducted from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on the opening Sunday of the meeting. Short course materials are only available electronically before the course date; registrants are responsible for printing their own short course materials if hard copies are desired. The registration fees cover the course, luncheon, coffee breaks, and course materials.

Students are offered a 50% discount on short course registration.

Upcoming Short Courses

236th ECS Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Advanced Impedance Spectroscopy | Course description
Mark Orazem, Instructor

Fundamentals of Electrochemistry: Basic Theory and Kinetic Methods | Course description
James Noël, Instructor

Electrodeposition Fundamentals and Applications | Course description
Stanko Brankovic and Giovanni Zangari, Instructors

Short course pricing will be listed under the next biannual meeting.